Daniel Rimmer works full-time in a local school as a maintenance employee but his love for the outdoors and fishing helped him develop Never Lost Anchors.

Daniel grew up on the coast of North Carolina in Beaufort. His dad and grandfather were commercial fisherman and my early life consisted of fishing everyday as that is how we made a living. In his early twenties he met his wife and moved to Southern Indiana where they live now. Starting here by fishing in the Ohio River and where he started cat fishing with friends and he was hooked. Competing and managing local cat fish tournaments drew him even further into fishing and boating.

He started making anchors as a part time hobby in 2019 and his goal became to make an quality anchor at a price that everyone could afford. No matter the size of the boat or the hobby, he set out to make a variety of custom products that work.

After having a few friends that started to use them and selling a few anchors the business started to grow. By word of month and a few trade shows later, Never Lost Anchors ships all over the country.

Never Lost thrives on making our customers happy and we look forward to providing you with a quality anchor product.