Learn more about why Never Lost Anchors are trusted by so many customers.

Here are a couple of videos on how our anchors work.

How does the Never Lost Anchor work?

1. Tie your new anchor directly to your rope. We recommend at least a 3/8" Nylon rope.

2. The anchor is equip with a chain that is mounted were the crown and shank meet and then secured to head of the shank of the anchor. This allows the anchor to drag the bottom and secure itself to hold your boat in a normal fashion.

3. In the event that the anchor becomes lodged, wedged, or stuck, you can use your own manual power or even the power of your boat to break the tie. Applying force to the tie will pull at the head, breaking the tie and will allow the anchor to be pulled free from the crown rather than from the head.

4. You simply replace the tie with a 50lbs. or 75lbs. test zip tie and secure it with the chain to the head for the next use. We provide extra ties with each anchor or they are available at your local hardware store.

Why choose Never Lost Anchors?

Never Lost Anchors are made and constructed from quality materials. We want your anchor to perform and last through the toughest conditions for boating seasons to come. Daniel the owner of Never Lost is the heart of our business and believes in providing customers with not only a great anchor that they can rely on but with a positive purchasing experience.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your purchase, you can contact Daniel by our social media channels or through our website.

Never lose another anchor again. Trust Never Lost Anchors with your boat anchoring and never get snagged, caught, or stuck again.